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JULY - SEPT 2018

This site is dedicated to the memory of Jane Chancellor Moore.
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Thanks to all who attended the Broadstone
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And speaking of Brier Books, Missy
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Broadstone Books authors Missy Brownson,
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Broadstone Media LLC cofounder Steve
Taylor has retired from active association with
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Broadstone Books has revised our
policy, so be sure to read it before sending us
your work. The most important change is that
we are no longer considering work from
authors outside of North America. This was a
hard decision based on our capacity, and no
reflection on the excellent literature being
written around the world.
On Poetry
Palm-of-the-Hand Essays
Frederick Smock

These brief and eloquent essays from Kentucky's
current State Poet Laureate make a compelling case
for why poetry matters.
Instructions for Staging
Poetry by
Kristina Marie Darling &
Carol Guess

"Weaving the jargon of real estate with the language
of divorce, Kristina Marie Darling and Carol Guess
create a book that is equal parts black humor and
human insight....
 Instructions for Staging shows us
the dynamism of their collaboration:  inventive and
bittersweet, resulting in a darkly playful read.
                    —Robin F. Brox

The real estate practice of "home staging" becomes
a metaphor for the illusions, and dissolution, of
marriage, and more broadly, of modern life in
A Hagiography of Heaven
and Vicinity
Poetry by
Michael Joyce

Hagiography of Heaven includes some of the best
writing I have read this year, and moreover it is wise,
offering up an extraordinarily attentive and
reassuring poetry celebrating the familiarity and
strangeness of the ordinary where the ordinary
includes the literary and the heavenly.”  
                              —Keith Tuma
How God Punishes
Poetry by
Katerina Stoykova

One of our most popular authors, this always brilliant
and breathtaking Bulgarian-American poet returns
with this award-winning collection, now available in
Poetry by
Richard Carr

"In Richard Carr’s newest collection of poetry,
Fitzpatrick, Joyce’s Bloom—reincarnated as a
painter —is presented, for our amusement and,
perhaps, our edification, through the lens of his
bartender, his 'bastard' of a drinking buddy, his wife,
and, most clearly perhaps, his paintings themselves."
            —George Looney

In masterful narrative verse, Richard Carr uses
multiple voices and perspectives to portray his title
character, the artist Fitzpatrick, glimpsed here only
through others and his work.
The Day You Miss Your Exit
Poetry by
Jacqueline Berger

"Whatever light is shining, was shining, in our lives,
Jacqueline Berger preserves and cherishes in these
brilliant new poems.... Memory is the instrument and
these poems sing with detail and emotional truth and
save us all."
              —Christopher Buckley

These often elegiac poems offer a meditation on
what is past and what is potential.
Poems 2014—2017
Jonathan Greene

The latest collection from a master poet whose career
now spans six decades. Though each exquisitely well-
chosen word here bears the full weight of human
experience, Jonathan Greene's touch is so light and sure
that his poems float on the page, and in our minds upon
reading them.
Gists, Orts, Shards
A Commonplace Book
Enlarged & Revised
Jonathan Greene

"Greene's book is testimony to a mind ripened by a
lifetime of reading—but it's also a fascinating (and
sometimes startling) symposium open to all."
                        —Robert West

This latest addition to Greene's series collects his
previous two volumes and adds much new material.
Poems by
Vickie Cimprich

Contrary Creek runs through Eastern Kentucky and
through our imagination in this new collection from a poet
known for verse informed by scholarship and infused with
Hush Candy
A poetry chapbook by
Missy Browson

Hush, Candy is a marvelous collection, full of fun, sass,
and splendid rebellion.”
                        —Kathleen Driskell

“This is a gorgeous first collection for Missy Brownson—
one I will recommend often.”

                        —Kelly Moffett
prison recipes
A poetry chapbook by
Jeremy Paden

“These poems are urgent and unflinching as they
interrogate humanity in the face of horror.”
                     —Bianca Lynne Spriggs

Jeremy Paden takes us into the man-made darkness of
political oppression in Argentina and Chile, and through
poems describing the means by which bodies and souls
are sustained, he also celebrates the triumph of human
dignity in the face of brutality.
Lucky Talk
26 Short Poems by
Jeff Worley

The title is borrowed from William Stafford, who
described poems as “pieces of talk, savored and
sustained.”  These poems from award-winning author
Jeff Worley are just that, and his readers are in luck to
savor and be sustained by them.
No More Poems
Poetry by
F. Keith Wahle

“F. Keith Wahle’s No More Poems is an heroic
Whitmanesque exercise in celebration, as he looks at the
ranges of things poems can be about, present, future, and
past...”  — David Schloss

In this brilliantly satiric, breathlessly paced, often
hilarious enumeration of all the things about which poems
will no longer be written, the ultimate “list poem”
transforms into a litany of supplication for the sake of
poetry, of culture, and ultimately of life itself.
Reasons for the Long Tum
Poetry by
Sara Cahill Marron

“Sara Marron writes a startling poetry for our disjointed
times, one that moves beyond the clichéd and confining
limits of poetry, but also optimizing poetry’s virtues on
authentic voice, sound, and wisdom.”
               —Stephen Paul Miller

Like the Duchamp painting that inspired it, this is a work
that shatters conventions and defies definition.  That it
arrives from a first-time author is even more cause for
celebration, a hopeful sign of the enduring power and
potential of language in the service of humanity in dark
times and places.