About Broadstone Media
Broadstone Media LLC
is a cultural promotion company
based in Frankfort, Kentucky,
founded in 2003 by long-time friends

Larry W. Moore
Stephen L. Taylor.

The name “Broadstone” is an
amalgam of Broadway and
Limestone, for the streets in
Lexington, Kentucky where we
While we specialize in poetry and related titles, we are open to many other genres and
subjects - see the "Submissions" link on the Broadstone Books page for more details.

Meanwhile, in 2004 we established the
Broadstone Gallery @ KECU, an alternative art
space located in the lobby of the Kentucky Employees Credit Union in Frankfort.  In 2010
the credit union Board of Directors officially named this space the
Jane Chancellor Moore
Gallery in honor of the late gallery curator (see more below).  Inspired by artist Stephanie
Potter (a frequent exhibitor and Sheila's daughter - yes, nepotism thrives at Broadstone),
our gallery is devoted to displaying original art by new and established local and regional
artists working in a wide range of mediums, providing a venue for artists to connect with
viewers who don't necessarily go to art galleries, and an opportunity for credit union
members, staff and visitors to enjoy a rotating exhibit of original art.  Larry now serves as
gallery curator, with help from the others at installations and receptions.

From our founding until her untimely death in 2010,
Jane Chancellor Moore (Larry's wife)
was a tireless contributor to every aspect of our operation, and particular as the curator of
the gallery that now bears her name.  We dedicate this web site to her memory, and invite
you to visit our tribute page to Jane by
clicking here.
Sheila Bucy Potter  
Larry Moore
Photo by John Sarsgard
Chris Taylor
Steve Taylor
attended college (respectively, Transylvania University for
Moore and the University of Kentucky for Taylor).  The name
is thus an homage to the time when we first began a life-long
commitment to arts and letters, as well as a suggestion of the
breadth of the company's scope.  By chartering Broadstone to
promote cultural activities generally, we are able to pursue a
wide range of interests.
In 2003, under the imprint Broadstone Books, we
began a publishing venture with Frankfort author
Sheila Bucy Potter's
Home Place and Other Poems as
our first title.  Since then we have issued several titles
each year, including works by regional and national
authors, established and emerging.  Larry serves as
publisher and editor-in-chief for Broadstone Books
(also shipping clerk and janitor), while Steve is an
associate editor and counsel.

Having been associated with the venture from the
beginning and having long consulted informally, in
Sheila Bucy Potter officially joined the staff of
Broadstone Books as an associate editor and our
principal reader.  As such she is usually the first
person to read the submissions that arrive at the press
and helps to determine the works that we publish.

Beginning in 2015 we were also joined by
(Steve's son) as an associate editor.  Chris
brings a background in creative nonfiction as well as
experience in book retailing to our mix of staff              
specialties.  His focus is on design and marketing.