Publication Date:  July 1, 2016
Paperback, 60 pages
ISBN:  978-1-937968-20-5
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Small Press Distribution
Thomas Zemsky draws on a lifetime of observation and over fifty years of writing
poetry in this expansive survey of themes as diverse as a presidential inauguration
and a letter from Frankenstein’s creature, with a horse on a ladder and a cast of other
memorably improbable characters along the way, all served up in language that is
delightfully quirky and often subversively wry.

Praise for Thomas Zemsky's After the Storm:

“There is a deft poetic intelligence at work in Tom Zemsky’s poems, fluent in image
and metaphor. The pleasures these poems yield linger long.”

                                                                                      Frederick Smock

After the Storm
Thomas Zemsky was born in
Hamilton, Ohio in 1947. He received his
MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.
Since 1976 he has made his home in
Lexington, Kentucky where he worked
for many years for the International
Book Project. Now retired, his favorite
pastimes include listening to jazz on LP
records, Latin American and modern
literature, and movies according to the
auteur theory. He believes that poetry,
first and foremost, is metaphor. This is
his first book.
Photo of the author in 1988