Broadstone Books is only as good as the authors we publish, and we are always looking
for exciting new writers to add to our roster.  We are willing to consider work in most genres,
poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, though be advised we do not publish children's literature,
self-help, religion and spirituality, erotica, or technical/professional subject matter.

As a small press we issue only a few titles per year, and at present the typical wait from
acceptance to publication is as much as two years.  If you are in a hurry to see your work in
print, you should probably try elsewhere first.

Note that we do not provide editorial services beyond the preparation of accepted manuscripts
for printing, so please do not query us unless you have a finished work for consideration.

The basics:  You will improve your chances of acceptance by reading about our editorial
preferences below, but here's the process for submitting your work.

We strongly suggest you first
query with a sample or description of your work, either in hard
copy or by e-mail attachment in doc, docx, rtf or pdf format.  Send us
ten to twelve pages of
your best, most representative poetry, or a chapter or single story from prose work.  If we like
what we see, we will request a hard copy of your full manuscript.

You may also send your full-length submission in
hard copy only.  If you want us to return
your work make sure to include a return envelope with sufficient postage (otherwise we will
Unsolicted full-length submissions received electronically will be neither  
acknowledged nor read!

We read manuscripts - oh so slowly! - in the order received, so be prepared to be patient.  On
samples we try (operative word,
try) to respond within three months.  For full-length
manuscripts we will typically take up to six months to respond.  For that reason we allow
simultaneous submissions, but please let us know as soon as possible if your work is accepted

Sample Contract   Click on this link to view our standard contract terms.  While we are willing
to consider some modification to these terms, in fairness to all of our authors we are not likely
to depart from this contract in any substantive fashion.  If you feel these terms are unacceptable,
please spare us all the time of considering your manuscript.

If we accept your work, be aware that as a small press we do not have significant promotional
resources and we will expect you to assist in the marketing of your book through readings, book
fairs, social media and other efforts to find your readership.  Publishing is the easy part; selling,
not so much.  It is therefore helpful if you offer suggestions at the time of submission as to how
you would propose to assist in the marketing of your book.  

Ready to submit?  See the
Contact Us link for our mailing address.  But you'll have a better
chance of acceptance if you keep reading a bit more.

What are we looking for?  Is your work right for us?

We receive far more submissions than we could possibly accept, and in the end we tend to
publish the writing that we like and that we feel will have a readership we can reach.  If we
reject your work as not a good fit for our press, that doesn't mean we think your writing is
Most often it simply didn't appeal to us, or we didn't feel we could promote it effectively.

In the past we attempted to comment on most submissions, but this has become impractical
given the number of submissions we are now receiving.  We may comment on work we find
promising if we feel we can offer constructive criticism.  If we do, this is not an invitation to
debate the merits of your work.  If our comments help, great.  If you disagree, that's also fine.  
Letting us know you disagree is not likely to change our opinion.

Poetry:  We love poetry and feel that the primary mission of our press is the promotion of
poetry, but we have our own editorial prejudices and while we will be happy to read your
work you have a better chance of being published if it appeals to us.  How can you tell?  Try
reading some of our titles.  We favor narrative poetry, and verse that treats the human condition
with fresh and compelling language and imagery.  Like Emily, we want to feel the tops of our  
heads coming off when we read!  We are far more interested in
how you write than what you
write about.  We tend to favor thematic collections over works that are simply assemblages of
individual poems.

not to get accepted?  We almost never publish verse that is overtly sexual, self-
therapeutic, or too self-consciously about poets writing poetry.  We have a deep suspicion
of the personal pronoun, and of poets who want to tell us how they
feel about anything in
particular - instead, poetry should make the
reader feel something.  We believe that writers and
artists of all types should be engaged in the world, but there is a difference between poetry and
polemics and we publish the former, rarely the latter.

Before sending us your work, ask yourself why anyone would want to read it, and be brutally
honest in your answer.  How many new books of poetry by living, breathing poets did you
purchase last year?  Why would anyone purchase yours?  

Finally, carefully edit your work for spelling, grammar and word choice before sending it to us.  
(Spell-checking software is no substitute for very careful proofreading!)  One of the most
common reasons we return manuscripts is that they need better editing.

Fiction:  We publish (at least so far) very little fiction, and while we are open to submissions
please note that as primarily a publisher of poetry, we are keenly interested in
language, far
more so that plot and characters.  If your work is intended for the mainstream fiction market,
you will be better served (and more likely to be accepted) by a publisher knowledgeable of
that market (we're not).  But if your fiction uses language in an original and compelling fashion,
by all means let us take a look.

International (non-US) authors:  We are pleased to receive manuscripts in English from
authors outside of the United States, however because we are a small press with very
limited promotional capacity, as a practical matter we are not likely to be able to manage
distribution and sales in other countries.  Accordingly, if you wish to approach us with your
manuscript, please include with your submission your plans for promotion and sale of your
in the US, your own country and elsewhere as appropriate.

Thank you for your interest in Broadstone Books!
                     Notice to Prospective Authors
Please note that as a result of receiving so many good submissions, we are currently
"booked up" with new titles through 2018.  We are continuing to read submissions for
publication in 2019 and beyond, but if you would like us to consider your work please be
prepared to be patient.