Rhett L.
Frankfort, Kentucky
Though inadvertently born elsewhere,
Rhett L. Beck
has lived in Kentucky
for many years and has deep family
roots in Appalachia. Much of his work
has featured the effects of nature on
the built environment, most notably a
series of photographs documenting the
abandoned distilleries in Millville,
Kentucky, a selection of which were
published in
Burying Monkeys: A
Photographic Journey through the Old
Crow & Old Taylor Distilleries
(Broadstone Books, 2012).  His work
has been exhibited and is in
collections in Kentucky and California.
The Jane Chancellor Moore Gallery is proud to be the exclusive agent for
the photography of Rhett L. Beck in Kentucky and on the web.  Please
All work on this page is copyrighted by the artist and no work may be
reproduced from this site without the permission of the artist and the Jane
Chancellor Moore Gallery.
"Spirits of the Past"

An exhibition of photographs selected
Burying Monkeys appeared at
the Grand Theatre Gallery in
Frankfort, KY,
July 9- October 12, 2012.
Click on the images to view works from
each gallery.
Photography from the Old Taylor
& Old Crow Distillery Ruins
Photography from Peru
MAY 2013

Photography from the Old
Taylor & Old Crow Distilleries

M. S. Rezny Studio
903 Manchester Street
Lexington, Kentucky
JCM Gallery in partnership with the M.S. Rezny Studio/Gallery presented
the first Lexington solo exhibition of Rhett's photography, featuring new
and selected works from his collection
Burying Monkeys.  

Ongoing   Bourbon on Main (Frankfort)

2014        Jane Chancellor Moore Gallery 10th Anniversary Invitation Group Show     

2009        Lexington Art League, “Visual Dialogue” (Lexington Mayor’s Office), group show

2008        Capital Cellars (Frankfort), solo show
Broadstone Gallery (Frankfort), “Perusing,” solo show of photography from Peru

2007        Serafini’s Restaurant (Frankfort)

2006-2009   Starbucks (Frankfort), rotating exhibit in store lobby

2006        Broadstone Gallery (Frankfort) Holiday Art Show, group show

2005        Broadstone Gallery (Frankfort), “MIXED MESS/AGES”, solo show

2004        Cappie’s Gift Shop (Frankfort)
APRIL - MAY 2014


Rhett had his first solo California
show in Spring 2014 in the Lemon
Grove Library, San Diego County.  
The exhibition consisted of two
different but inter-related bodies
of work in two areas within the
library.  "Vaqueros" featured
photos of (primarily) children and
families, and "Latitude 13" Rhett
and Broadstone thank the staff of
the Lemon Grove Library for
hosting us!
Photography inspired by the
princles of Bauhaus
Jane Chancellor Moore
September - November

A Louisville Photo Biennial