rhett l.
Images of Peru
Quechua Boy and Dog
Coffeehouse, Pisac
Inca Ruins, Machu Picchu
"In 2007 my brother married a lovely Peruvian girl, which provided me the opportun-
ity to travel to her native land to attend their wedding.  While there I took advantage
of this chance to see, and photograph, as much of the country as possible, including a
boat trip into the Amazonian jungle and, of course, the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu.  

"The trip made me grateful to be an American after witnessing the severity of third
world poverty, and the violence of life in the cities was shocking to me, even for a
native of Los Angeles!  But I found that the culture and the people are beautiful.  
The journey was very spiritually moving for me, especially my time among the
indigenous people along the Amazon.  My experiences are reflected in these photo-
graphs."  =  Rhett

Peruvian images are approx. 10" x 14",
$95.00 matted, unframed.

This is a sample of images from this series - inquire to see others.
Machu Picchu
Miraflores Lighthouse, Pacific Ocean
La Dentista