April 24, 1951 - May 20, 2010
Although she always preferred
to work in the background,

was an integral part
of every aspect of Broadstone
Media from its inception.  The
wife of co-founder Larry W.
Moore, Jane avidly embraced
Broadstone as the hands-on
opportunity to express her
life-long passion for literature
and art, as well as her academic
training in English and
professional experience in
writing and editing.  But she
was also a clear-eyed realist
who helped to anchor our
ambitions, by contributing the
rigorous analytical skills she
honed during her long career
in information technology with
Kentucky state government.

At Broadstone Books, she was
engaged in every aspect of
production, from reading
submissions and selecting texts
for publication, through editing
and proofreading and finally
the marketing of the finished
books on-line and through
readings and book fairs.

With the inception of
Broadstone Gallery, Jane
discovered her gift for curating,
and the gallery walls became
her canvas where she explored
the interrelationships among
works of art that often
Jane Chancellor Moore pictured in the gallery with Denis Huber, at the reception for Marilyn
Donaldson, Lisa Huber and Susan Moore in 2008.
surprised even the artists.  She was  responsible for most of the gallery installations as well as promoting the
shows through press releases and graphic design of postcards and other advertising, and of course her gracious
hosting of artists' receptions in the gallery

Sadly, Jane's dream life in the arts was cut short by cancer in the spring of 2010.  It is no surprise that in the same
week that she learned of her disease, she was in the gallery hanging a new show; and in the final days before
her death she was discussing plans for a new book project.

Jane loved Broadstone.  It was her life's ambition, and though she was (by her choice) never a formal partner she
was always the driving force behind everything that we did.  To say that we miss her is the mightiest of
understatements.  We know we will never be as good without her as we were with her.  But we also know that
nothing would have meant more to her than our continuation of the work that she so believed in and carried out
so well.

With this page we share some memories of Jane with those of you who knew her in life as well as the many
others of  you who have been touched by her gifts through the books and the art that she helped to produce and
to promote.

(As a personal note, Jane
hated having her picture taken, so the existence of so many images on this page is a
small miracle in itself.  She wouldn't have approved, but just this once we are going against her judgment!)
Not surprisingly, there are fewer photos of Jane working on
Broadstone Books than there are of her more visual work with
the gallery, but here she is pictured with her good friend and
Broadstone author Steve Cope, at the Southern Kentucky Book
Fest at Bowling Green in 2005.
Jane discussing art with a gallery patron during the
reception for Marta Elam Dorton and Mark L. Roberts
in 2007.  As typical for these photos, I had to catch
her in profile!
Jane at one of our favorite gallery events (you can
tell by her smile!), the annual student art show
held in conjunction with the Kentucky Derby
Museum.  Pictured here with Jane was one of our
2006 student artists, Brittany Bolton, and behind
them, KECU President John Graham (1) and
Kentucky Derby Museum Educator (and Jane's
brother-in-law) Ross Moore (r).  
Again, Jane in her element, having a good time with
friends at the gallery reception for Paula Wojasinski in
2009.  From left to right were gallery artist Lisa Huber
and her husband Chris Goodlett, and gallery regular
Phil Tackett.  Jane, as usual, avoiding the camera.
Jane catching up with another good friend and gallery
stalwart, Shea Hogan, at the reception for Rhett Beck
in 2008.
Another reception (this time for Christina Bartsch in
2009), another intense conversation about art, with
gallery patron John Cosby.
Finally, proof that we did get Jane out of the gallery at least
occasionally!  In this case, to the very familiar environment of
Churchill Downs, with the Twin Spires in the background.  Jane
grew up going to the Kentucky Derby for many years with her
family, so this was a homecoming of sorts for her.  

Pictured with her, left to right, were our 2009 student art winner
Mary K Wentzel, Kentucky Derby Museum Educator Liz Williams,
and KECU President John Graham.
All photographs by Larry W. Moore
(Now, if I only had all the pictures she made me delete!)