Liesl Long Chaintreuil
Paintings & Prints
Fall 2018

Bill Macintire
Winter 2018

"Art in the Winner's Circle XIV"
Selected Student Artwork from the
Kentucky Derby Museum
Winter/Spring 2018

Marta Elam Dorton
Paintings & Prints
Spring 2018

Jane Chancellor Moore Gallery
15th Anniversary
Invitational Exhibition
Summer 2018
(502) 564-5597
M-Th 8am-5pm, F 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-1pm  

The Jane Chancellor Moore Gallery is
an alternative art space operating since
2004 in the lobby of Kentucky Employees
Credit Union in Frankfort, Kentucky,
hosted by the credit union and curated
by Larry W. Moore for Broadstone Media.

The gallery provides an opportunity to
see and purchase original art in a variety
of mediums created by local and
regional artists both emerging and

In addition to the current show, we
carry works on consignment by many of
our  artists, including Stephanie Potter,
Rhett L Beck, Joan Schulte, Melanie
Sunbeam Smith, Jamie Sheppard, Marta
Dorton, Les Greeman, Lloyd Kelly, and
Susan Moore.

For information on purchasing art or
exhibiting in the gallery, contact us at
our business office:

Broadstone Media LLC
418 Ann Street
Frankfort, Ky  40601-1929
(502) 223-4415
Jane Chancellor Moore Gallery
proudly represents



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The Bluegrass Printermaker began in 2004, inspired by the donation of an antique press
to LexArts, the Lexington local arts organization.  Since then it has welcomed many
artists working in all types of print media: collagraphs, monoprints, etchings, woodcuts,
linoleum cuts, and solar etchings, many of them featured in this group show.  The
mission of the Bluegrass Printmakers’ Cooperative is to be a thriving print studio in the
Lexington area where printmakers work and create a dialogue about prints and art.
Through demonstrations and workshops they expose the community to prints and
educate them about printmaking processes. The current exhibition is a part of that
community outreach and education.

The Bluegrass Printmakers would like to dedicate this exhibit to our good friend and
President, Stephen Wiggins, in thanks for his stalwart dedication, generosity, and


Stephanie Barker

A native of the Eastern Kentucky Coal Fields, Stephanie C. Barker paints and prints her
affections for Appalachia.

Natalia IIieva

A longstanding member of Bluegrass Printmakers, Natalia IIieva studied printmaking in
her native Bulgaria.  She continues her practice here in Central Kentucky, specializing
in the art of etching.

Matt Reno

Matt is a printmaker and freelance graphic designer living in Lexington. He primarily
creates linocut prints with a variety of styles and subject matter. You can see more of
his work at mattreno.com.

Abby Tackett

Born in Paducah, grew up in a small town: Tullahoma, Tennessee. She went to college
at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, and—after changing her Major three times—
graduated with a degree in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. Despite her ever
changing majors, her love for art has remained unwavering. What can you expect from
a child whose mother had to pay her elementary school art teacher to tutor her in
math because that was the only class she would pay attention in? Now, working in
Lexington as a Supply Chain Analyst at Georgia-Pacific, Abby spends her free time
making linocut prints for friends and family, and enjoying the fulfillment of practicing
and improving her printmaking skill set. “I just make prints after work and on the
weekends because it makes me happy, here they are.” – Abby

Tonya Vance,

of Studio Lucina, is a mixed media artist specializing in wool, alcohol inks, and
printmaking.  She is also an avid Art-O-Mat enthusiast and contributor.

Cathy Vigor

Cathy Vigor is a Fiber Artist and Printmaker who combines her love for fiber, color,

and nature to create color overlay monotype prints. She uses textiles and natural
vegetation as elements to apply the designs to paper by manipulating transparent
layers of yellow, cyan, and magenta printing inks.

Stephen Wiggins

Stephen Wiggins was born and raised in Lexington Kentucky and graduated with an
associates in graphic design from KCTCS class of 2017 and from the university of
Kentucky class of 2005.  He also attended Berea College and is a graduate of the

SCAPA program at Lafayette High School class of 1999. He is primarily a printmaker
focusing on linocut, mokulito
, and lithography methods and silkscreen printmaking.  
His work focuses on the importance of culture in our lives including music and the
absurdity of identity found in material possessions and capitalistic success. He portrays
this with anthropomorphic animals, word play, and puns and other aspects of life that
are confusing and/or bewildering to him. He is also working on a series of images based
on unknown Kentucky African American Women who were the first in their fields.

"In our experience as gallery curators, we
have found that the introduction of the right
work of art into a person's home or life can,
and has, added immeasurably to the quality of
some of our patron’s lives.  Even those simply
passing by and viewing have told us how much
they appreciate our shows.

It is part of our gallery philosophy that art is
incomplete until it is seen and appreciated.  
The role of Broadstone Gallery is to find the
artists, display their works, and give those
who might appreciate their art a chance to
see it.

To us, art represents not only beauty, but
hope and optimism. Especially in these
distressed times, art is an important reminder
that these are still part of the human spirit.  
We hope to be able to continue to foster it for
a long time to come.

Thanks to our artists, our patrons and
especially to our gracious hosts at KECU for
their support."

Jane Chancellor Moore (1951-2010)
Jane Chancellor Moore was the principal
curator of Broadstone Gallery from its
opening until her untimely death in the spring
of 2010, at which time KECU renamed the
gallery in her honor. Jane is pictured in the
photo above, in the center in the background.  
That was appropriate, for while she was very
much the center of everything we did at
Broadstone, she also preferred to remain in
the background.  For more photos and
information about Jane, please
click here to
visit our memorial page.
About the Bluegrass Printmakers

Group Show featuring

Steph Barker
Natalia Ilieva
Matt Reno

Abby Tackett
Tonya Vance
Cathy Vigor
Stephen Wiggins

JULY 16 - SEPTEMBER 21, 2018

Artists' Reception
Friday July 20, 2018
It is my pleasure to welcome the Bluegrass Printmakers back to the gallery.  Long-time
gallery patrons may recall our previous exhibition with them back in 2013, and we’re
especially happy to welcome Natalia Ilieva and Stephen Wiggins back as the two alums
from that show. They are joined here by
five other artists making their gallery debut,
and we're delighted to have them.

Group shows are always fun to install, as it's interesting to see how works by different

artists come together on the wall to create a dialogue. This is especially the case
when working with the Bluegrass Printmakers, since collectively they represent many
different approaches to the process of making a print. Just how many ways can there
be to impress a work of art onto a piece of paper (and not just paper, as one 3D piece
in this show demon-strates)?  Quite a few, actually, and this exhibition offers merely a

Since the JCM Gallery is all about bringing original art into peoples' lives, another thing
to like about prints is that they often may be quite affordable. Prints can be a great
way to get into art collecting, as was the case for Jane and me many years ago.  
Maybe you will find that perfect first piece in this show.  
Only one way to find out -
see you at the gallery.

                                                                  Larry W. Moore, curator
Curator's Statement