ennifer Dunham
Pen & Ink Drawings
Summer 2017

Rhett L Beck
2017 Louisville Photo Biennial Show
Fall 2017

"Notes from an Accidental Collector"
Works from the collection of
Jane Chancellor & Larry W. Moore
Winter 2017/2018

Tona Barkley
Spring 2018
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The Jane Chancellor Moore Gallery is an
alternative art space operating since 2004 in
the lobby of Kentucky Employees Credit
Union in Frankfort, Kentucky, hosted by the
credit union and curated by Larry W. Moore
for Broadstone Media LLC.

The gallery provides an opportunity to see
and purchase original art in a variety of
mediums created by local and regional
artists both new and established.

In addition to the current show, we carry
works on consignment by many of our  
artists, including Anna Marie Pavlik,
Stephanie Potter, Rhett L Beck, Joan
Schulte, Melanie Sunbeam Smith, Jamie
Sheppard, Marta Dorton, Les Greeman,
Lloyd Kelly, and Susan Moore.

For information on purchasing art or
exhibiting in the gallery, contact us at our
business office:

Broadstone Media LLC
418 Ann Street
Frankfort, Ky  40601-1929
(502) 223-4415
Jane Chancellor Moore Gallery
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A friend recently referred to me as a "recovering birder", and while it's true that I no
longer spend hours in the field trying to add a new species to my life list, it's still a joy to
watch the birds that come to the feeder on the deck.

Exactly how does this relate to art, and this show?

In the case of Susan Moore, I have had the pleasure of watching an artist at close range.  
She happens to be my sister-in-law. She also happens to be a great artist, one whose skill
and vision have evolved over the years to arrive at the new body of work in this show.

Susan has always been an artist, even if economic realities forced her to make other
choices in her work life from an early age. Over the past ten years, as she has at last had
the opportunity to make art as a regular part of her living, she has pursued photography,
collage, painting, and - especially- printmaking as means of creative expression. During
this same time Jane and I opened the gallery, and it's been a privilege to have invited
Susan to exhibit in a number of group and solo shows. Each time I have marveled at how
her work has progressed exponentially from one show to the next. Her latest work blows
me away.

Sometimes you're lucky, and the world comes to your window. Susan, rare bird that you
are, welcome back!

                                                                                 Larry W. Moore, curator

"In our experience as gallery curators, we have
found that the introduction of the right work of art
into a person's home or life can, and has, added
immeasurably to the quality of some of our patron’s
lives.  Even those simply passing by and viewing
have told us how much they appreciate our shows.

It is part of our gallery philosophy that art is
incomplete until it is seen and appreciated.  The role
of Broadstone Gallery is to find the artists, display
their works, and give those who might appreciate
their art a chance to see it.

To us, art represents not only beauty, but hope and
optimism.  Especially in these distressed times, art
is an important reminder that these are still part of
the human spirit.  We hope to be able to continue to
foster it for a long time to come.

Thanks to our artists, our patrons and especially to
our gracious hosts at KECU for their  support."

Jane Chancellor Moore (1951-2010)
Jane Chancellor Moore was the principal
curator of Broadstone Gallery from its opening
until her untimely death in the spring of 2010, at
which time KECU renamed the gallery in her
honor.  Jane is pictured in the photo above, in the
center in the background.  That was appropriate,
for while she was very much the center of
everything we did at Broadstone, she also
preferred to remain in the background.  For more
photos and information about Jane, please
here to visit our memorial page.
Penny Serenade
New Works by
Susan Moore
May 8 - July 14, 2017
Artist's Reception
Friday, May 12, 2017
This body of work is about art and influence, form and transformation, and all of those
who help us see something we didn’t know was there. A few years ago, I was invited to
attend a small printmaking workshop led by Penny Barringer, founder of the Torpedo
Factory’s Discover Graphics Atelier and former Assistant Printmaker for the National
Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Since then, I’ve made an annual trek
to study and work among a small group of talented artists for a marathon of printmaking
under Penny’s watchful eye. We lost Penny in 2015 but students gathered once again last
year to print in her honor.  

This time, as we worked, I thought, “What would Penny tell me to do here?”

What I found were new ideas … an evolution of form, an abundance of color, and even
new techniques.

When you explore this show, I hope you will notice how an idea is inspiration, I hope
you’ll look for how gestural forms that appear concrete in one painting or print might float
apart in another piece almost as if in a dream. Ideas are explored through a series of
watercolors, monotypes and chine-collé.

You’ll see how Penny helped us to think about colors with monotypes like “Glory” and
“Glory’s ghost”, two of the last pieces of work I made in her workshop. This print is an
exercise in layering color. The ghost is traditionally printed with ink left on the plate after
the first printing but if you look closely you’ll see a new layer of color and texture.

The newest works have an abundance of color.  

Remembering Penny with Diane Tesler, Ellen Glasgow and other friends who converged
on Diane’s studio for what I thought would be a somber remembrance was in fact a joyful
celebration of the power. You’ll see new ideas emerging from larger, bolder prints like
“Tulips” to chine-collé such as “Red” that incorporate gestural forms with lots of color
and texture, to watery experiments with landscape painted directly onto plates for one-of-
a-kind prints such as you’ll find in the “Sky” series and “Sepia.”

For me, art is not a solo experience.  It is experience of living, of remaining curious and
willing to try new things, to dare, to fail and to get back up and try again. It is the
culmination of our observation, practice, and influence.  

Thanks to all my teachers, mentors, fellow artists, family, friends, and encouragers who
help me along this path.  And, of course, thanks to Penny.

                                                                                                      Susan Moore