In the title poem, poet Melody Davis is both driving a car and navigating a life as
she describes "the ride that carries us, holding the curve."  In this volume we are all
along for the ride, traversing a poetic landscape drawn from such diverse worlds as
a Latino neighborhood in Brooklyn and the author's native Perry County,
Pennsylvania.  Nothing escapes her notice, and through her words the details of
everyday life - a vacuum cleaner, empty jars, her aunts' kitchen sinks - and the lives
everyday people on the subway or at the luncheonette counter, all achieve a

Praise for Melody Davis & Holding the Curve

"The poems in this refreshing book are made from basic materials, from the things
our hands touch in an ordinary day - a steering wheel, a kitchen sink, a potato, a
sock. Quietly these poems take the world on its own terms. They are not laden with
angst or despair or longing for some so-called better life. The life is happening now,
and that is worthy of poetry. Eventually Melody Davis's poems imply on on-going
meditation on art, how calmly and inexplicably it enters the world, and how
suddenly it seems to be life."

                                                                        Maurice Manning

"These poems shine. This is a rousing collection - elegiac, pensive, sparked by the
telling detail, the spot-on phrasing. Melody Davis is a careful observer of life’s
fraught and beautiful dailiness, and of its inherent nearness to poetry."

                                                                        Frederick Smock

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Publication Date:  September 10, 2013
Paperback, 88 pages
ISBN:  978-1-937968-07-6
Melody Davis lived for many years in Sunset Park,
Brooklyn, a Latino neighborhood, after which she
returned to her ancestral home in Perry County,
Pennsylvania, a farm and woodland region.  Her
poetry reflects the distinct and diverse regional
culture of bothregional culture of both locales.

Davis is the author of
The Center of Distance, poems
from Nightshade Press, and the art critical studies,
The Male Nude in Contemporary Photography
(Temple University Press), and
Doubling the Vision:
Women in Narrative Stereography
Press of New England). She has been the recipient
of a National Endowment for the Arts senior
fellowship in poetry, a Pennsylvania Council on the
Arts fellowship in Creative Nonfiction; she was a
finalist in the National Poetry Series and a full
fellow in American Art from the Henry Luce/
American Council of Learned Societies. She has
published and read her poetry widely.

Davis is an Assistant Professor and Program
Coordinator for Art History at the Sage College of
Holding the Curve

Poetry by
Melody Davis