(Note:  At times we feature special prices available only on direct orders from Broadstone.  See the
order information below.)

BOOKSELLERS & LIBRARIES:  Beginning with most titles published in 2015 (and some selected
titles in our backlist), you can order our books from Small Press Distribution as well as directly from
us.  Titles carried by SPD will be listed as such on our website.  For titles not available from SPD,
contact us directly.

You can purchase our books by any of the following methods:


To order online:  Go to our Backlist page (or individual author/book pages), select the title(s) you
want, and click on the "Add to Cart" button to pay using your PayPal account, or credit or debit card.  
Shipping fees and sales tax (KY sales only) will be included in your order.

To order by email, telephone or by post:  Click on the "Contact Us" link above to find us by any of
these methods.  We accept personal checks to "Broadstone Books" as well as major credit cards.  
Please note that you should
not send credit card information by email.  For credit card purchases
made by post or telephone, be sure to include your card number, expiration date, the security code
from the back of the card, and your billing address zip code (if different from your shipping address)
in your letter or voice mail.

If paying by check with your order, add postage of $4.00 for the first book to a single address, plus
$.50 for each additional book.  Please note that these are
domestic shipping rates, and international
orders (including Canada) will be more.  Contact us for these rates.

Kentucky residents must also add 6 percent sales tax to the total for books
and postage.  

Booksellers and libraries are invoiced with shipment, pre-payment not required.


We appreciate your support for small publishers like Broadstone, and we also hope you support your
local independent booksellers.  With this in mind, we encourage you to ask your favorite bookstore
to order (or better still, to carry) the Broadstone titles you are seeking.  Beginning with our 2015 titles
and selected titles from our backlist, your bookseller may contact Small Press Distribution to order
your book(s).  For titles not available from SPD, ask your bookseller to contact us directly.


Most of our books are also available on Amazon, though some older titles may not be carried there.  
There is typically a lag of a few weeks or months before new titles appear there, so always check here
first to confirm availability.  However, please note that Amazon pays less than half the retail price for
books, which means most of your purchase goes to them and
not the author and publisher.  So when
you can, please buy local or buy direct.

                     THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER!